About 'Alpha+Good'

Alpha+Good (a bad wordplay on Orwell's "double plus good" and old machismo - I'm the realest after all) is a side project that belongs to 'Onklare taal' ('Unclear' or 'Unripe language'), the umbrella of several literary projects in Dutch.

This section is almost exclusively in English and comprises my ongoing thoughts on progress, gender, politics and various other social themes. Why is this in English why everything else in Dutch? Because I want to gun for a much wider audience here. Also, my literary English isn't good enough, otherwise I would always write in English.

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Thursday, February 09, 2012


This is uncharted territory for me, but a long time in the making.

Not only have I decided to start up a third (!) blog, I will also write it in English to potentially reach a much bigger audience. For my fiction, essay and poetry projects, my English is simply not good enough (or, to be kinder to myself, I'm not experienced enough in that type of English to master it as well as I master my native language), and most of the books that I review aren't even available in English.

The reason for this blog is that I wanted to divorce my political and social opinions a little more from my literary work. Of course, there will always be a certain osmosis between both. However, more and more, my political, ethical and philosophical convictions have been melding into one coherent structure, driven by a purpose - to help others. I fall squarely within the realm of progressive politics, and there's a lot of work to be done all over the world to improve our lot.