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Sunday, October 02, 2016

20 people I admire (IX): Hadley Freeman

Who? American journalist with her home base in the United Kingdom.

Why? Though I get the impression she’s gotten a little out of the spotlight and has veered off into a number of side projects in the past two years (plus, she had a kid), there was always something about her dry, on-point delivery (if you can say that about written words?) and constant realisation of the futility of some of the topics she covered that made it a joy even reading reports about star-studded red carpet events.

What resonates with me?
Freeman and I are of the same generation and thus share many seminal pop culture experiences, although she is American and I am not. Beyond that, she gave me hope on days I was angry with the bullshit hurled around at every level, from the lowest common denominator in celebrity gossip land to the upper echelons of politics. No matter how depressing a topic was, Freeman would always broach it with the right mixture of seriousness and irony. It was a style I envied, in a positive way.

Best bit? I can’t remember. Bad. Sorry Hadley. Come back to The Guardian!

Next up:
David Mitchell, British novelist (not the comedian)